Answers to questions you yearn for

from the perspective of your loved one

Spirit to Spirit Re-Connection through the veil of love

As a Spirit Communicator, my heart always trembles when the plight of one's life is the pain that accompanies loss of a loved one. It often causes me to pause and reflect on the sadness. But, I'm always reminded that relaying a message to the one who lives from the one who has passed is not to be evaluated, but simply experienced by them. I often describe it as a 'phone call from the other side'. If one message comes bringing a moment of peace and clarity, then maybe the person sitting before me can begin a process of stepping through their loss of darkness into the light of promise.


If you lost a loved one, then speaking with those who have passed on helps one to realize there is no death, only a conscious transition. The power of love never dies. Our loved ones that have passed away are right there with us, observing our lives as we continue our learning and supporting that learning from where they are now. 

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Benefits of Re-Connecting

If you have lost a loved one, the feelings of grief and loss  are really hard to move through alone. 

  • Evidential proof that they still exist beyond the stage of death based on what your loved one(s) provide(s) within the session to confirm their existence and continued presence in your life

  • Confirmation and peace of mind after a session is complete

  • Questions answered and a feeling of closure

  • Help with coping during such a difficult and painful time

  • Reassuring you your loved one(s) are well and what they are presently and consciously doing from where they are now

  • Knowing your loved one(s) are supporting you and observing everything you go through in this life  as well as  cheering you on as you accomplish your soul life goals of learning

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All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy


Answering Your Questions

You have unanswered questions, I have the answers you've been seeking.

Many wonder if their loved one is aware of your love for them. My answer is always the same. Yes, of course. Your mind speaks volumes and they can hear every word. 

  • Your loved one is always wanting to speak to you

  • They are just as excited as you are about re-connecting to speak with them

  • They can provide you with humor, joy, comfort and love, even closure over issues you may have had

  • Most of the time, they will even show you signs they are around (signs I can help you decipher) 

  • If you are feeling nervous or scared to speak to someone on the other side, understand that your loved one is now in a state of serene love and no longer hold characteristically issues they once had while on Earth that held them back like anger, communicational issues, or abusive behavior. 

Some people may say that we are speaking to the dead, but with an open mind and a open heart, we realize their spirit is very much alive. Remember, with God anything is possible and He would not rip people from your life and not have the ability to allow certain souls on Earth have the capability to re-connect you through love to speak to them once again so your soul is no longer ilingering in sadness and sorrow. 


Experience the Healing

Our loved ones are not gone, they are still here. The veil keeps them found our sight in the dimension they reside in now. I can provide evidence and facts about their life, personality and emotions. During the Spirit Communication Session, I provide facts about their life that show who they are to you. Very often they will give you a message as well, because they want to support you on your path here on Earth. They are here for love.


In real life, they don’t change their character or personality over night. When a person was outgoing and open, the contact flows easily. When a person was shy, then they don’t show as much or as many pictures as a more open person would but I do feel their emotions more.

Every contact is different and always leaves everybody in a good energy. The people in the spirit world are here to support us all the way. Consequently a Spirit Communication Session is always a healing experience. They want us to celebrate their life and in return tell us to celebrate ours. Talking to loved ones in heaven is above all a healing experience.


Let's Get Things Straight

It doesn’t matter where you and I live or which communication tool we use to talk. You don’t have to be physically present for a successful reading.  So even though I live in Pennsylvania it doesn’t matter where you live, spirit will go where it's being called upon. If God can be everywhere, so can your loved one(s).  I will not need any tools like crystal balls, personal items,  etc. of any kind nor any special preparations like prayers and chanting.  I’ll simply connect with the spirit world and see who will come forth to communicate with you.  The spirit world loves to work with modern day technologies we have today and so do I.  You can have a private reading from the comfort of your home, no need to travel or to sit in any traffic jams.

My job is simple... give those on the other side a  voice

Sometimes it is not the person you expected or wanted to hear from.

Believe me when I say, it will always be the right person.  

This may happen when you are expecting someone specific to

come forth but the one person you weren't expecting or even wanting

to come forth does because there needs to be some kind of 

closure and soul work finalization before moving forward with any

other soul.  Everything which is said is meant to be said.  It is amazing! 

They always know exactly what you need to hear. I feel if somebody

is here for you they are here for a reason or they wouldn't waste your

time coming forth, I DO NOT control  who comes nor what they may say 

within the communication with me.  Our loved ones in Heaven simply

enjoy coming through and&