Set Your Soul on Fire

The Divine Medium offers the most interesting and transformational courses available. This course is designed to help elevate your spiritual awareness and harness your individual "you-ness."

Christina has seen too many people feeling hopeless, lonely, depressed, and feeling unworthy. This course is finally here to help deepen your wisdom on so many metaphysical levels in order to bring your spiritual power back and transform your life towards happiness, abundance, self-worth, and more. 

If you desire to stand in your own Inner Divine Light of power and have the confidence and intuition to speak your own truth; never hiding who you truly are, ever again. Then finding your way here was not an accident! You were brought here by your own Spirit Guides to take the first step towards expanding your consciousness and understanding of the unlimited potential available to you. 

Christina has created this course to guide you towards understanding your own divine purpose, mission, and unlocking the inner "you" that has been trying to come through for such a long time. Let Christina take you on this new journey of self-discovery and join the rest of your Soul Goddess Family ready to help support you during your own personal transformation. 


As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear." I am here to help you see the amazing uniqueness and inner power you possess. So many of my students have had remarkable transformations on their soul journeys and I bet if you asked any one of them if they would ever turn back or go back to the old ways of doing things in their life, they would answer unanimously say, "NO!" 

I've designed this class on many levels of understanding, from Getting to Know Your Chakras and How they can help benefit your life to Hearing your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones better. Using your own intuition to get past that block of communication.

Seeing how far my students have come in their own spiritual journeys shows me that the Divine Power of Heaven is changing their lives and showing them what they are capable of. This brings such joy to my heart and I love every single class we do together. Come and join your fellow Soul Goddess Students and let us be your Soul Family on this new unique journey you are about to embark on. 

Jump forward towards your fullest potential and regain your personal power

"Make It a Better World!" Dan Burda, owner of Studio Raw, is an inspiration to so many people who know him and Christina lives by his very own motto. So, we ask you; how are you making the world better? Whatever you learn in this life, your family and friends are learning, as well. Everyone you are around is learning. So, how are you impacting their lives and vis versa? You make a difference in so many lives but I bet you feel you don't feel you do. You may even ask yourself, "How do I make a difference?" "How am I making the world a better place?" This is a very good question to ask yourself. 

There is too much hate in this world and my goal in this life is to show as many people how valuable they are, how important they are, and how every decision they make in this life not only affects them but others around them. It's time to get up, shake off those negative thoughts, roll up your sleeves, and get on your path of empowerment and happiness. When you are happy, you make others around you happy which then equals and outcome that "Makes the World Better Place!"

The most powerful Soul Altering course online!

I am very excited to offer this course, because I believe in the improvement it will make upon every aspect of your life and in altering your full potential as a soul.  You will experience a fully integrated and comprehensive experience created to powerfully transform your higher consciousness.  So, if you are ready for a soul revolution, then join the rest of the Soul Goddess Tribe and go on a grand spiritual adventure with us.  Why wait any longer to become what you've always desired?

 I'm here to help guide you back to that original energy that made you who you are. I'll show you the way to soul transform your path and support you as you go through these changes in rerouting your soul contract back to its original coding. 

My goal for this course was always to assist the student in redesigning their pathway in order to emerge their true higher self to the surface without fear attachment.  Through this course, you will learn how to let go of that fear and what others may think of you, giving you your power back.  So, let's see what your soul is truly capable of. 


Join your fellow Soul Goddess Family for an abundance of learning, Spirit Guide Readings, Fun Herbal & Oil Crafting, Sacred Perfume Creating, Crystal Wisdom, Deep Meditations, Mantras, and more!!! Experience a metaphysical skill set you won't find anywhere else, all the while, gaining a Soul Family that will always cherish and love you! 

If you are new to the Soul Goddess Course, don't fret! We got you covered with everything you need in one platform so you aren't getting lost along the way. You will immediately engulf in the learning and begin using the concepts provided in class for you right away. You can start experiencing changes in your life with the very first class.

Come Learn With Us

You Gotta Start Somewhere...

Why Not Your Soul?

There is no pre-learning in order to join the Soul Goddess Course. I will take you one step at a time through every aspect you need to understand. We are very laid back casual in our learning. I've created a way to communicate even the most challenging of topics and discussions in a more simplistic way that will meet you right where you are in your own learning pattern. In class we like to have fun with lots of whimsy all the while we are learning through spiritual wisdom. Both men and women alike attend the classes and every teaching is cheerful but very educational. You will learn things you didn't even know existed due to my spiritual background as a Galactic Walk-In. 


You may have already known this or maybe not, but everything that takes place in your life is according to your soul contract of learning. So, yes everything is happening because you asked to learn from it.  And everything I teach here will feel like a reminder to your soul. That's because it is. Due to the veil, your soul simply forgot all this knowledge and I seek to remind you of your soul's potential power in regaining your soul coding identity. All you have to do now is take the first step forward into your Soul's Transformational Light Code of vibrational evolution and commitment to the soul work it will take to get you there. It all begins with your affirmation and confirmation to the energy work involved. You can't get to the CEO office until you've worked your way up from the mail room! Right? Working on your soul takes work but it can also be so much fun.

Rise Above & Launch Your Soul to Higher Levels

The energetic learning level begins by clearing old toxic blocks that hold your soul back from experiencing its full elevated level of enlightenment. What is burdening your energy today can not only be cleared, but also can be transformed and transmuted into usable energy that is adaptable to your soul's further learning process! What we will transform in this program will not only teach you how to properly ground and protect yourself but also cleanse and clear your energy light field. I will also show you how to learn to transform and use that stored up energy as fuel for your soul driven learning.

Just like a beautiful butterfly breaks free from its cocoon, you will transform that old energy and consume it in a new way by breaking free from the old shell of yourself into a new revised YOU! What has been challenging your soul from past learning and current life issues will be transformed into usable light for your spirit and your sou's mission. 

What You Will Learn by Joining the Soul Goddess Transformation Course?


Soul Goddess Curriculum:

  • Monthly Focus on Herbs, Oils, Crystals, Soul Connection, & More 

  • Crystal Interior Design and Gridding with Crystal Fun

  • Aromatherapy - How Scent Can Activate the Soul

  • Crystal Clearing Layouts for All Levels of Learning

  • Crystal Healing Methods to Use On Yourself and Others

  • Color & Sound Therapy - How Sound Affects the Soul's Alignment Coding

  • Galactic Code Healing 

  • Crystal Grid Layouts & Design for home and office

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Crafting - oh what fun!!! Interactive Learning

  • Chakra Aligning and Necessary Cord Cutting

  • Stabilizing & Growing Your "Abilities" and "Gifts"



Monthly Cauldron Class Tools

Each month a new cauldron of sacred goodies will be available for purchase to be used for the sessions within that month's theme. The cauldron combines herbs, oils, crystals, grids, jewelry, runes, pendulums, oracle cards, craft materials, and more that you will need for the entire month’s sessions. A cauldron is the traditional brewing of combined herbs, oils, and intentions on an altar of tools where one uses these energies to connect with the natural world that bridges us between the levels of consciousness. The tools contained in your monthly cauldron are deeply sacred and should be treated with care; every 30 days you will work with a new altar idea complete with a designer cloth, tools, and intention behind the creation of each set. 

Each month your cauldron will include unique tools not available anywhere on TheDivineMedium.com or the CrystalCoveSpa.com such as the following:


  • A beautiful, empowering centerpiece surrounding the month's theme

  • Custom healing infused jewelry piece meant to be worn by everyone involved in the months learning in order to connect the group energetically

  • Beautiful custom clothe for the month's altar design

  • Ingredients & tools to build upon the month's crafted theme

  • Sacred crystals that will raise the vibration of that month's special intention

Beyond the LIVE class sessions each month (streamed LIVE on Facebook and archived for later viewing), you will also receive accompaniment PDF Worksheet & materials to engage your learning on various levels and help you integrate what is being taught.

The materials you will receive are: 

  • Document Format of your Class notes for future printing and use

  • Monthly worksheets on the month's class concept in order to assist you in adapting the teachings to your life

  • Access to the classroom page where all class notes, announcements, and even class video recordings will be posted for students to easily access it all

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for ongoing encouragement, support, and guidance from Christina and even the Soul Goddess Transformation Community

Class gatherings are conducted LIVE but for any reason you miss a class, you may retrieve the recording(s) in the archived page of the classroom at anytime. 


Monthly Magic