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Have you been feeling numb, disconnected, or a sense of fear? If you've been holding back your emotional pain, past experiences, memories, or even past trauma, I've created a Soul Healing Sacred Space for you to fully let go and learn how to become who you are meant to be. This is a space where you will be held and nourished. Healing begins with you and I've found that the more compassion and understanding that you bring yourself, the easier it is to let go of the things you no longer can change.

This sacred space is an immersive learning, growing, and sound healing experience. Simply allow the teachings and sound healing do all the soul work.

All you have to do is listen, relax, and receive. You will soon feel immersed in a cocoon of healing, spiritual growth, and love.

~ Christina Cay

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Soul Healing Sacred Space Monthly Course Group

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What's in store for your soul?

* You will be placed into the Soul Healing Sacred Space Group after purchase

* You will need to come back to this page to purchase the monthly group session each month. This is NOT a subscription but free will to join the group each month.


Each Month Includes the Following:

  • Invocation Intentional Prayers throughout the month

  • A Sound Healing with integration steps to raise your soul's vibration

  • Guidance Teaching Mini Videos or Posts on the theme of the month

  • Inspirational Brand Quote Posts by Christina to keep your soul motivated

  • A Soul Guidance Reading with the Master Teacher Guides (Jesus, Buddha, Princess Diana, etc.)

  • A Question n' Answer Post towards the theme of the month

Soul Healing Group Etiquette:

(Please understand that Christina does NOT perform psychic readings or read fortunes. She does NOT implant spiritual information out of divine timing which is what you may get by going to someone who does perform this type of reading.  It can be a gambling risk with your soul journey, if not performed properly. To gain future insight, one MUST have access and clearance to your own person Soul Database, Life Book, or Soul Contracts. If they do not, they can tamper with your Free Will and the path you are MEANT to take in life and learn from correctly. 


Christina also communicates messages and teaches EXTREMELY differently than any other 'spiritual communicator' out there, so we ask that you please do not come into the group with expectations of a specific way of things being done. This will be a whole new experience for you to explore, so again, please keep an open mind and do not categorize the way Christina performs her own way of communicating spiritual teachings and messages..

1. Please make sure to check the email address you entered when you go through the payment process in case we need to contact you.

2. If you have any concerns or questions, please let the shop team know right away by calling 814-254-4523 or emailing thedivinemedium@gmail.com

3. Payment is due before joining the Soul Healing Group. No payment plans are available. 

4. It is not possible to refund after your purchase has been made.

Please visit our No Refunds Policy page here.



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Beautiful Souls like you who seek to network, inspire, and build everlasting relationships in a safe and caring community just for you. This private access is only reserved for those who want further support, learning, and enlightenment. It is special, like you are!