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Personal Space Cleansing


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HAVING AN energetically clean 


Energy residue can be found on a person, object, location or time.  Since  everything is energy our sacred spaces that hold these energy residues can have negative implications upon your physical wellbeing, emotional balance, and even affect your beloved relationships with your partner, children, and pets. 

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  • Feeling as if you are being watched, especially from a closet or hallway area

  • Hearing voices, talking, scratching, tapping, or footsteps

  • Feeling drained as soon as you go into the space or property

  • Feeling negative or even depressed until you leave the space, then you feel fine better

  • Seeing things out of the corner of your eye

  • Witnessing shadow people or dark mists

  • Smelling weird or foul odors

  • Experiencing a subtle shaking or quivering while laying in bed

  • Hearing thoughts in your mind that tell you you are worthless and need to end your life

  • Lights flickering

  • Phone freezes or acts finicky

  • Feeling down or not your usual self 

  • Something feels off but you are unsure of why

  • When you walk into your space, you immediately feel uneasy or "not at home"

  • Feeling stuck and don't understand why

  • Feeling confused or overwhelmed

  • Having negative or even suicidal thoughts

  • Feeling constant mood changes that are abrupt and not like who you normally are

  • Taking on the emotions of others (seen or unseen

  • Always feeling tired, especially at specific times in the day

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Personal Space Cleansing Session

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 A space/property evaluation to review the level of activity that needs addressed through the cleansing

Emotional energy residue imprinted on the land or area will need evaluated. Christina will need to understand what kind was left behind and why. This is very similar to someone who may smoke in a room for a long time and that smoke gets absorbed into all the things within that room like the walls and carpet. Eventually, that room will need a good cleaning to get it back to its original cleanliness. 


Spiritual Roaming will be assessed during the evaluation, Christina will connect to any spirit(s) roaming the space. She will obtain messages as to why they are there, how many, and what they need as a soul learning still, in order to move them on from the space. 

Residual Dimension Energy will also be evaluated. This is when a tragic event takes place on the property and repeats a time loop, like a recording that never erases. Dimensional Energy is a bit harder to remove from a space due to the energy it took to create it, like a murder.  

  • If there are any 'Negative Thought Forms' that need to be cleansed. Negative Thought Forms are repeated thoughts that contribute to any negative underlying feelings we have about ourselves and others. Like emotional residues they can be absorbed into the land, house, or object until cleansed. 

  • If there are any 'Negative Thought Form Clusters' which are the energies left behind when someone is constantly being negative, complaining, creating drama or similar. They easily leave behind negative 'clusters' of energy at any given moment. 

  • If there is any 'Unwanted Negative Energy' affecting the property or space. This energy comes from behaviors like nagging, bullying and controlling that can come from inside the home or are directed at someone in the home by someone else at a distance. 

  • If the property is actually on an outdated land assignment (such as a burial ground, battlefield, or similar). This in itself is not necessarily negative, but can be helpful to know so we can honor what the land was for and the ancestral spirits that may remain. 

Once Christina performs all the above, she will clear any Energetic Residues that need to be cleansed. She will record her findings and send them to you through messenger or email (same email you would used for your purchase).

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Mindful of Your Sacred Space 

As you clear your home of physical clutter... why not tend to its energetic clutter, as well?  Everything is made of energy and it's very easy for that energy to build up in your home or sacred space and bring you down, as well as drain you.  Getting in the habit of removing the negative, chaotic energy that surrounds you could make your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative; which is why Christina has opened the window to this special session where she will remove any energetic clutter in your sacred space. 

Let's take a look at the times when it's essential to remove old energy from your personal space. 

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Fill Your Space with Loving Grace

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When You Know It's Time

  • When you're in a funk or having a bad day: Negative energy in your home may be feeding those feelings.

  • If you were just sick: Along with the stress of feeling under the weather, the physical condition carries negative energy into the space around you.

  • Following a breakup or loss: Clearing during heartache or grief can help you to process pain and move forward.

  • After arguing with your partner: You said some things. They said some things. Now that the disagreement is over, it's time to clear the air—literally.

  • During any major life transition (think a new job, partnership, or pets/ babies arriving): Clearing out the old creates space for the new energy these things bring.

  • When you're feeling stuck: If you want to improve your life and haven't made progress, it might be time to question whether your home is keeping you stuck in the past.



I've always been open to the spiritual realm, but what I experienced was the most enlightening, comforting, mind blowing experience.  My now late partner gave the session to me as a gift.  When the appointment was made all that was given was my first name.  I had never met Christina before.  A few days prior to my session, I received a call from her assistant asking if I could come alone.  She didn't say why but of course I said yes, that's fine. The day of my session, as I said, I had never met Christina before so when I arrived her assistant greeted me with open arms.  When Christina came out to meet me, I immediately felt a sense of peace and relaxation.  Not nervous at all.  As we began, she explained what would happen.  Let me tell you; the souls I wanted to come through DID and she knew things I had NEVER told anyone.  Things were said verbatim and I was blown away!  The reason I mention coming alone to my appointment is because my partner who made the appointment, at the time, has an addiction and Christina could feel his negative energy which she explained would of hindered the progress of the session.  That's the reason I was ask to come alone.  I want to say  he wasn't a bad person just simply plagued with dark energy of addiction, at that time. When he passed away,  he was clean, THANK GOD! So, I would recommend ANYONE to have a reading, healing or anything from Christina.  She changed the course of my life.  Not only was I a client of hers but I feel like a friend or member of her family, now.  She cried, laughed, and joked during the session feeling every emotion I had that day.  She even took a picture with me!  Christina is the most amazing soul that I have ever encountered and I am forever grateful to her."

- Jon Duche

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Per her policy, Christina knew nothing about me and when I scheduled my session I only provided my first name.  I had brought a +1 with me and no information was given on him.  She connected my plus one immediately to his grandmother.  The both of us are mutually connected to a grandfather whose family nickname was Bud.  She asked us who Bud was and we instantly teared up.  My late father also made himself known to her before she even met me!  At my reading, she realized who he was to me and explained her leg had given out at 7am.  Shockingly, this was the time my amputee father used to have  an alarm on his watch always set for 7am!!!  The morning of my reading, I was alone in my car talking to the loved ones I wanted to connect with.  Christina told me WORD FOR WORD  what I had said in the car showing that my father had heard me talking and was in the car with me listening.  By telling her word for word what I had said was proving to me that he was there with me and that our loved ones are always around us.  My reading touched me for a life time...  even enough to get a tattoo from something she relayed to me in the session."

- Amber Rodkey

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My daughter and I had a reading with Christina a few months after my son went missing.  We scheduled a missing person's session.  She had informed us that my son had already been communicating with her earlier that morning. She confirmed what we already knew in our hearts to be true.  He was no longer with us.  She knew details of his disappearance and murder that she couldn't have possibly known because law enforcement had not put any of those details in the media, newspaper, or radio because law enforcement didn't even believe, at the time, that he was murdered.  My dad and brother also came through, as well.  Christina said my dad was making jokes that really weren't very funny, lol!  The water bottles we had with us kept popping. She explained that Bj was with us and showing his presence by walking by and his energy was making them pop.  It made us laugh because that was definitely his sense of humor.  I have learned so much from her that I wish I had known for years.  To this day, Christina continues to give me messages from my son that I will forever be grateful for.  I thank GOD every night, as I say my prayers, for helping Bj to lead us to finding Christina so she could bring us his messages and for everything she did for us to help find his remains.  Thank you Christina for everything. I Love Youl!!!"

Karen Shish

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About two years ago, I had a reading with Christina.  She was a very kind person to me and my friend who came with me.  The reading was amazing!

I was able to communicate, once again, with my gram (aka) mum J.  Things Christina said, there's no way she could have known.  My dad finally made his way into the session and Christina asked, "Do you hear him whistling?  Of course I did! My  dad would whistle and it would drive me out of my mind because I hated it. (Lol)  Then my 13 year old son, Tyler, arrived and it just blew my mind with this part of my reading.  She had a bottle sitting on the table near by.  She explained that he continued to point to it.  She picked up the bottle and it had a sunshine on it,  My heart sunk to my stomach.  THAT IS WHAT I CALLED MY SON!  Sunshine is on his head stone. There was so much more she was right on with.  I am so glad I got to experience this with her.  Thank you Christina! I will never forget that reading.  You are awesome! Again, Thank you!"

-  Traci Gardner

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The first time I met Christina for a reading, I was nervous and scared but then I was blown away.  Not only did she give details of my husband's funeral, she also got one thing NOBODY KNEW that I was doing but me.  She said I was sitting at my kitchen table doing something which looked like a puzzle to her. I was coloring in an adult coloring book. NO ONE KNEW I was doing this.  I was trying to hide the pain of my husband's murder.  This shocked me that she even knew but now I know he was there watching me doing this.  

The second time I met with her, she gave me details of the night my husband was murdered.  This ended up came to light at my husband's trial.  She was so right on!  What she gave me and at what happened at the trial to what happened that night still has me in awe. I would definitely recommend 

Christina to anyone who needs help and guidance in seeking the answers they need, especially if you are trying so hard to move on.  In fact, I already have.  I have sent many of my friends and family to her and will continue to. Thank you Christina for who you are!"

-  Rosemarie Reed 

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Hello Friends


"I am known to many around the world as the 'galactic spiritual walk-in representative ambassador' from a planetary race called, Kalenia.  I am part of a galactic volunteer program sent to Earth in the assistance to elevate the vibrational energy of the people.  It is one to be a programmer/creator and work the energies through observation, it is another when you know you must go into the program of energies in order to rewire them from the inside in order for the changes to adapt and align properly.  I was sent in order to prepare humanity with prophecies of my 'time'. These prophecies were given at the start of 2015.  They are now being seen in your modern day mainstream media outlets.  I also recently became a writer for "Therapeutic Thymes" magazine. This path has given me an outlet where I am able to spread my knowledge to all corners of the globe which is such a blessing and I can't thank the editors of Therapeutic Thymes enough for asking me to be part of their wonderful magazine.  You can find copies of Therapeutic Thymes in your near by Barnes and Noble Bookstores or any of your local bookstores."