An energy alignment reading of sacred love for powerful intention & renewed transformation?

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Are you truly ready?

  • Do you feel alone and lonely, even when you are in a relationship?

  • Do you feel unloved, unappreciated, and lost on many levels? 

  • Do you feel stuck in the path you find yourself currently? 

  • Do you feel that your past relationships have been a journey of both pain and anxiety or even traumatic, hurtful experiences?

  • Are you cycling in repetitive relationship patterns while pulling in the same kind of experiences, over and over again?

  • Do you attract partners, family, and friends that are consistently out of alignment and are not on the same page as your soul’s desire or wants?

I'm now offering my newest spiritual divine love download alignment session to help aid you in releasing all that no longer serves you while simultaneously upgrading and aligning your soul to becoming a more vibrational match to your divine tribe and soul partner. 

Pull towards yourself, exactly what you want and need! 

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I invite you on this love journey...

This is a process that I have personally taken myself when I knew my soul was ready to receive divine love. I literally  sat myself down and aligned my intention to pull in the ' right ' energy,

the right people, and the right experiences I was meant to learn from. In less than a few weeks, Justin was sitting across from me in a booth.… and as it turned out, he'd been subconsciously pulling me into his life, as well. Then a few years later, Yvonne swiftly moved Into my path. I've endured unloving, self centered people who used me on many levels, for many years. Mainly for my gifts or what I could do for them. So, the Divine Love Session I'm offering is extremely dear to me! It is a reading filled with guidance to help you connect with your true path of love. I want you to feel love on many levels but you must first understand that we attract what we are inside, not what we want. In order to pull in what you truly want, you will need to become the sacred union within your own self. This begins with self - love. Our first step in this process is to discover the blocks and holdbacks that keep you from aligning with your true path. With what we discover and unearth, just might surprise even you! 

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Divine Sacred Space

Clearing from pain, trauma, emotional wounds, & unwanted energies from past lovers and relationships with others. Healing the divine feminine/masculine toxic imprinting

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Connect to the Soul of your Divine Partner orTribe

Connecting to the soul of your divine partner or soul tribe by familiarizing yourself with their energy as you sync up your heart, body, spirit, & energy fields

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Letting go of Past Hurts & Reframing Old Energy

Clearing and cutting cords from past relationships, releasing resistive patterning & belief systems that we hold around relationships and utilizing the power of forgiveness to release and transcend old hurts & pain

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Upgrading & Healing the Sacred Divine Union While Stepping into Your True Power

Connecting to your divine sacred essence while upgrading aspects and archetypes that may have served you to survive in the past but are now limiting your present and future

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Utilizing your Divine Essence to Heal the Coming Sacred Union orTribe

Utilizing your divine essence to heal your divine feminine/masculine imprinting; bringing these potent energies into wholeness and balance so that you are now housing this divine union within you, thus making you a complete vibrational match to pull in your divine partner.or soul tribe

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Visualizing Your Sacred Union

In this meditative transmission, we open the field of imagination; daring to dream up and create what you fully deserve your union to look and feel like. This gives the opportunity to be brave and bold. Remember – what you want, wants you.

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All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy


This is for you, if...

  • You are ready to step into your true soul essence, sacred union, and partnership

  • You are ready to let go of old toxic energy that no longer serves your highest power

  • You are ready to take on your mission and all that it endures

  • You are ready to embrace new soul vibrations and people who benefit and support your soul's life path

  • You are ready for change

  • You are ready to stop cycling and feeling low and depressed

  • You are ready to set aside the time and commitment it takes to truly devote yourself to this process of alignment

  • You are ready to feel supported, loved, cherished, and held by divine love


You are worthy to receive exactly what is in your heart and what your soul desires for you. Let’s light up your world with divine love and sacred soul union(s).

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About Christina


"I am known to many around the world as the 'galactic spiritual walk-in representative ambassador' from a planetary race called, Kalenia.  I am part of a galactic volunteer program sent to Earth in the assistance to elevate the vibrational energy of the people.  It is one to be a programmer/creator and work the energies through observation, it is another when you know you must go into the program of energies in order to rewire them from the inside in order for the changes to adapt and align properly.  I was sent in order to prepare humanity with prophecies of my 'time'. These prophecies were given at the start of 2015.  They are now being seen in your modern day mainstream media outlets.  I also recently became a writer for "Therapeutic Thymes" magazine. This path has given me an outlet where I am able to spread my knowledge to all corners of the globe which is such a blessing and I can't thank the editors of Therapeutic Thymes enough for asking me to be part of their wonderful magazine.  You can find copies of Therapeutic Thymes in your near by Barnes and Noble Bookstores or any of your local bookstores."

What to Expect

1. Book a session by clicking on the desired PURCHASE AMOUNT button shown above. Time allowed for this session is up to 90 Minutes. Accompanied meditation will be emailed after the session is fulfilled to the email address provided at purchasing of this session. 

(Please understand that Christina does NOT perform psychic readings nor reads fortunes. She does NOT implant spiritual information out of divine timing which is what you may get by going to someone who does perform this type of reading.  It can be a gambling risk with your soul journey, if not performed properly. To gain future insight, one MUST have access and clearance to your own person Soul Database, Life Book, or Soul Contracts. If they do not, they can tamper with your Free Will and the path you are MEANT to take in life and learn from correctly. 


Christina also communicates messages EXTREMELY differently than any other 'reader' out there, so we ask that you please do not come into the session with expectations of a specific way of being read that you may be used to by other 'readers'.  This will be a whole new experience for you to explore, so again please keep an open mind and do not categorize the way Christina performs her own way of communicating spiritual sessions and messages..

2. Please make sure to check the email address you entered when you go through the payment process, after you purchase your reading. There maybe a pre-session instructional document, if applicable, for you to look over that will be sent to that email account. Once you have placed your order, you will receive this pre-session file, if needed, which you'll need to download.  This document will inform you of some very important information before setting up your session. (If Applicable)  

Note: your reading must be redeemed within one week from purchase.  NO exceptions! 

No more than three cancellations are considered. After the third, no more appointments can be made and your purchase will not be refunded nor exchanged. It's the '3 strikes you're out rule.' 

If you need to reschedule, please let the shop team know right away by calling


3. Once you have sent us the relevant confirmations, Christina's personal assistant will reply back letting you know when your reading will take place or be received. 

Please note: Christina only performs readings by way of Facebook messenger or email and any follow up questions will not be included in this reading. 

4. Payment is due before your session. No payment plans are available. 

5. It is not possible to refund your session after you have purchased it - this is due to Christina's spiritual information process being received by your Guides about your Soul Contract before your reading with your Guides begins, even though she doesn't know who you are before the session takes place. This takes energy to obtain and if a retract on a session takes place, that is information wasted, as well as time that could of been spent with another client needing a session.  Once she has started this process with your Guides and invested that time with them on your reading, a refund is not possible.  Please visit our No Refunds Policy page here.