Akasha Records Reading


Insight to Your Soul Contract Mission

Take a journey into your Soul Life Book which is the origins of all your past lives and current directly from Heaven's Sacred Database. Get insight into your soul's avenue of learning, galactic origin star traveling, important past soul achievements, soul lessons, soul abilities/gifts, path options to take on decisions, and additive instructions and life coaching. This reading is highly suggested for those experiencing a divine spiritual awakening.to enlightenment and seek more insight on their soul's purpose and mission. Christina only offers these readings by way of email, with additional package options for those who seek additional insight and answers.


Spirit AdvancementSessions



Soul Session 

Reconnect to your Spirit Guides & Masters

This session is recommended to those seeking to connect to their Spirit Guides and  Ascended Masters who possess their Soul Contracts.  Shed light on questions you've always had, find the closure you've been needing, and finally feel a divine release from struggling paths you've been enduring. Christina only offers these readings by way of Facebook messenger with additional minute options for those who seek longer sessions.


Spirit Session 

Reconnect to your past loved ones

This session is recommended to those seeking to reconnect to their loved ones who have crossed to the other side.  Shed light on questions you've always had, find the closure you've been needing, and finally feel a divine release from the suffering and pain you've been enduring. Christina only offers these readings by messenger or in shop with additional minute options for those who seek longer sessions.

Detox Cord CuttingSession

Email or In Spa Session with Christina


Heavy energy is always difficult to deal with, especially when you've walked away from a situation but always seem to get pulled back in. This particular Soul Cord Cutting Session will help to cut those unwanted negative connections to past relationships that hold you back by detoxing the soul of the left over residue. It is also good for current relationships that weight heavy on you.  I suggest getting a Cord Cutting with any kind of abusive or vilolent relationship of any form, whether it be a parent, ex-partner, sibling, ex-friend, etc. Any challenging, heavy relationship that you find difficult to be around. It is important to keep your soul balanced and improve yourself, as well as those around you, especially when it comes to obtaining help in closure once a situation has ended.  Your higher soul understanding will decide if the cords being cut will be permanently cut and if this will be the final "goodbye" or if it will be until both parties can better themselves in their own experiences of perceptive.

SoulTransformationThreeDay Package


Spiritually Align Your Sacred Mission

What you see manifested around you as people, events, situations, and circumstances in your life are actually a reflection of your own consciousness. The true source of your opportunities, abundance, joy, and the ability to attract all that you need comes from your magnetic consciousness which is the energy, or vibration that is YOU!  In this one on one session with Christina, you will obtain the enlightenment that leads to your conscious awareness to the inner change towards who you were meant to be. 

Personal Space Cleansing Session


Having an energetically clean property or

space is more important than you can imagine!

'Energetic Residue' (negative energies contained within a space or on a property) can affect your emotional health, your physical health, your relationships, and even your children and pets in negative ways.  Once Christina has done some spiritual research into what is negatively affecting your space, she will remove any Energetic Residues that need to be cleared.  Christina will record her findings and send them to you in an email where you may correspond back with a question or concern. 


Know Your Parter Session

Soul align to your true mate in life

Like a cozy cup of coffee, the thought of having someone dear to us that loves us as much as we love them, brings warm thoughts to the soul. When it comes to the things that we chase after in life, the unimportant ones like money, power, and wealth eventually fade away.  However, there’s one thing that we chase after that we never stop desiring, and that’s love. This session will enlighten your soul path with the soul of your future mate.

A young woman holding a large, luminous

Crystal Prescription &Alignment

Discover your soul assigned crystals

The combination of Crystals and Chakras is an energetic marriage, resulting in healing on every level of one’s being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

In this session, you will learn what Crystals belong to your Soul Energy and which Chakra dominants your soul life learning. The beautiful harmony of both modalities bring balance to your key energy structures and auric field. 


About Christina 

The Galactic Kalenian Representative Counsel & Spiritual Walk-In Communicator, Ashakic Recorder Keeper & Cord Cutting Therapist, Soul Teacher, Mentor, and Intuitive Holy Fire Healer

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Hello Friends


"I am known to many around the world as the 'galactic spiritual walk-in representative ambassador' from a planetary race called, Kalenia.  I am part of a galactic volunteer program sent to Earth in the assistance to elevate the vibrational energy of the people.  It is one to be a programmer/creator and work the energies through observation, it is another when you know you must go into the program of energies in order to rewire them from the inside in order for the changes to adapt and align properly.  I was sent in order to prepare humanity with prophecies of my 'time'. These prophecies were given at the start of 2015.  They are now being seen in your modern day mainstream media outlets.  I also recently became a writer for "Therapeutic Thymes" magazine. This path has given me an outlet where I am able to spread my knowledge to all corners of the globe which is such a blessing and I can't thank the editors of Therapeutic Thymes enough for asking me to be part of their wonderful magazine.  You can find copies of Therapeutic Thymes in your near by Barnes and Noble Bookstores or any of your local bookstores."

My journey here, has brought me to...

I have been placed in front of many paths of others, especially those in law enforcement.  I help assistance in homicide cases, cold cases, missing person cases, and lost/stolen pet cases.  This is where I consult law enforcement and families in the search for

unanswered questions.  My arrival to Earth wasn't empty handed.  I possessedly own gifts and abilities.  Not only am I able to communicate with spirit and spirit guides but also I am able to spiritual track the last steps a soul walks before taking their last breath.  This is what the spirit world calls a "tracker."  


Many know of another ability I have that is rare and hard to find.  I am called upon for those who can not communicate for themselves due to ICU machines keeping them alive as a coma patient.  Often times, I am there to relay their last wishes and sadly... their last goodbyes.  


I can also communicate not only with the dead but also with the living higher soul, aka coma patients and more.  I pride myself on integrity and love which I do my best to show through when connecting to Spirit.  As the receiver of the messages given, I am able to authentically bring you into conversation with your loved one, once again.  But I am also able to describe what they are doing now on their soul journey since their passing since I am able to retain all the images and experiences upon my arrival from my dimensional plane of existence and 'time.'


In the years being here, I began to see others having many physical ailments that most could not fully understand; anxiety attacks out of nowhere, shooting back and neck pain, vertigo unbalanced affect, numbness and weakening ligaments, headaches.  Many have confessed that watching my famous "Spirit Talk Live" show helped them to suddenly understand things and place perspective on their lives as to why these things were happening. I see many of them ignoring their spiritual calling and Spirit is literally shaking some common sense into them. 

It warms my heart, however, when I hear stories of how someone has found me.  How their guides led them right to me.  They say they immediately felt I was to be their teacher and quite often than not, they feel a soul remembrance of me as if they already know who I am.  Which is very true.  No one in my mission suddenly is just placed there.  I was their teacher or soul confidant at one point in time.  Nothing happens by accident.  

I am grateful to be able to connect directly to the spirit guides who hold the Akashic Transcripts of Soul Contracts and Past Lives.  Being able to obtain those maps,  The records help people discover more about themselves on a soul level and I am blessed for the journey that allowed you and I to cross paths here on Earth. 

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