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How much is a reading?

Each Reading Session is different and varies in pricing. Your best route is to head on over to the "Sessions" tab where all the Readings are listed and what each one can help you learn, as well as pricing.

How long is a Reading Session?

Each Session has a specfic amount applied to specific minutes available for that reading. Each Session/Reading has it's own set amount of minutes available with the purchasing price.

I'm concerned my Reading will be negative?

No worries here! Chrisitna's readings are always calm, relaxing, and inspiring. Your loved one(s) aren't here to judge your continued life path without them. You'll find that the correspondance is more positive than negative. And if there is a loved one or individual you care NOT to discuss or even connect with, Christina will soon figure this out and avoid this energy in respect to you and others. Most of the time, if this type of soul comes forth, it is due to a much needed closure on both ends and that soul seeks to apologize for their actions/words. Again, this does NOT have to be forced and can be avoided out of respect to the sitter. Christina will ALWAYS respect your wishes in every regard with her sessions.

Is my loved one(s) with me?

When Christina passed away in 2009, she experienced this energy first-hand. She explains that Heaven isn't techincally up nor down. It blends with our world here. If you were to literally pull back the curtain or veil that seperates us from them, you'd find them all standing there looking on. Your loved one(s) NEVER leave you. The body was created here and will remain here. Once the body lets go, the soul continues on and is all knowing. Your loved one(s) KNOWS all and "sees" all and "hears" all that you do here. Your loved one never leaves, even if you don't feel them. Some souls push out more energy than most but that doesn't mean they left you or aren't around. Just because you don't feel them, doesn't mean they aren't there.

Are my loved one(s) still in pain?

When the body is created here on earth, it takes on challenges and obstacles it is meant to endure and learn from. However, once that learning is complete and the soul is ready to leave the body, the challenges and obstacles attached to that body stay here on earth where it began and where it will end. Your loved one(s) does NOT carry that energy on to the next life nor Heaven.

Are they OK with what I've done with their belongings?

Your loved one(s) no longer are attached to the material objects of their life here. These attachments let go once the body is released from the soul. Whatever you do with their item(s) is your soul contract choice of letting go or allowing others to benefit from their prized items.

Were they upset I wasn't there when they passed away?

Christina receives this question often. Her answer is the same for all. These events are planned before birth through the soul contract. Let us give you an example Christina uses in her LIVE FEEDS. "A woman stays by her mother's side day in and day out. Not resting, not eating, not showering. Having her mind set that she will not leave her mother's side. Within 4 days time, a nurse suggests taking a short break from the room for a quick coffee break. As the woman quickly guides down the long hospital hallways to the lunch room to grab her coffee, her mother starts to slip from the body into the embrace of the Angels and Heavenly Loved Ones. As the daughter, makes her way back into the hosptial room, she finds her mother's body lifeless and motionless. In great sadness, the daughter questions why she had to go and get that "damn" coffee and not be here for her mother's passing." Christina again explains that these things take place as they should. The mother, according to her soul contract, didn't want her poor daughter to see her leave like that but to remember her in life not death.

Are they OK with what I'm doing?

As soon as your loved one(s) pass to the other side, they no longer have a say in your soul contract here that is continuing without them. However, your loved one(s) can support you wihile you are going through each event that you are learning from. Each energy has their role to play. Let us use an example Christina often uses. "You sudden find yourself in the midst of a car accident and you see your "grandmother" out of the corner of your eye. You surprisingly just miss the other car that was heading right for you. Now you are convinced grandma saved you from this car accident and tell everyone as such. HOWEVER, this is not the case at all. What actually happens is, a beacon or signal goes off in your soul contract to warn those who were close to you here in this lifetime that you are to endure danger in your soul contract. Once that signal is received, the loved one(s) gather where that energy is taking place in order to support you while you go through this challenge. Then in your mind you hear, "Turn the car to the right. HURRY!" but you freeze. Then the car is suddenly jerked to right in order to avoid the accident. The words you hear in your mind is your SPIRIT GUIDES. They are the ones who direct you or guide you here on earth but when you don't listen, the Angels are to intervene when necessary by turning the car for you in this instance becasue today is not the day you are to leave earth." So, according to Christina's example, your loved one(s) simple support, your Guides guide, and your Angels's intervene. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to have a reading?

Energy goes where it is called. Christina is not held by time, which doesn't exist in the first place. Christina is the only communicator in the world who communicates with ICU patients who are in between this realm and the next. She even performs "Funeral Readings" where she sits off quietly with a notebook in order to write down what your loved one is communicating to her during the funeral or viewing. She has also helped families during the passing of a loved one as they were leaving this world. So, the answer to this question is... NO! There is no time to wait on. Christina can connect at any time.

Do they watch over my children?

Your loved one(s) know all and see all. Their energy is always with you and your children. They support all the soul contracts that are still living their experiences out, however, the intervening on a soul contract is the job of an Angel, NOT your loved one(s). Again, your loved one(s) can only support what you or your children go through here but can never intervene on their behalf.

How does the Soul Session and Spirit Session work?

Firstly, Christina DOES NOT use tarot cards. She only uses Oracle Cards (if needed) and is GUIDED by your Spirit Guides on what messages to relay back to you from them. You are guided every single day by every little decision you make. That small voice in your mind is NOT you having conversations with yourself. If your guides decided to suddenly one day start using their own voice, you'd think you were schizophrenic. So, they use your voice, one voice, to get their messages across. However, it is sometimes very hard to hear them or which way to go in life. With this particular session, Christina helps you decipher these messages and which path is best for you per your own options and choices provided by your Guides. Your Guides will NEVER tell you what to do with your life but rather provide many options in order for you to choose from. Christina will help you see these options better. No one is learning your life EXCEPT you! So, these choices can not be made by anyone else except you! But your Guides will never allow you to be stuck. There are many ways for a soul to learn here and many avenues to choose to learn. If you feel stuck, it's simply your decisions that you choose to release and break free from with your own change of energy and path decision. If you are doing an ONLINE SOUL SESSION or ANY ONLINE SESSION, this will be performed on Facebook Messenger or email where the communication is being transcripted out for further documentation review by the client and Christina. An example of how this works can be sent to your email by request. Christina does not perform phone or webcam sessions because none of these sessions can be recorded. She perfers to have everything documented for the client's safe keeping, as well as her own.

I just purchased a online course or digital product. What happens next?

You will be sent a confirmation email to the same email address you used for your purchase. Check there first and also check your Junk Mail or Promotions Folders. If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact the team by calling the shop directly (814) 254-4523 or by email thedivinemedium@gmail.com

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunelty we have strict policy which states that all readings and/or courses does not offer refunds on these services due to the amount of work and energy that goes into them and the fact they are performed online. Each of these require a significant investment of time, energy, and love. Plus, Christina wants you to make a full commitment when you make a purchase with her.

I have paid for my online reading. Now what?

After payment, you will be contacted by the Divine Medium Team whom will start the session process via Email, FaceBook Messenger, and/or Phone.


Can I interview you?

Christina can't accept every invite to be interviewed, she still likes to consider the oppotunity. Please fill out the form above and please provide your details including your audience size, audience type, and the topic for the interview.

Can you mentor me?

I sure can! But first, head on over to the Readings tab and purchase your Student Evaluation. Let's see what gifts we are dealing with first before we jump in with both feet. After that, the mentoring can be begin and a program started based off your level of gifts.

Will you write a guest post for my blog?

Same answer as above, dear.

I have more questions about my reading but it's been days ago and I NEED her now?

Christina provides a 24 to 48 hour FREE grace period after a session in order for those who had time to think over their reading or perhaps came up with more questions they didn't think of while the session was going on. However, we find in almost every case that after a session with Christina, due to her detailed accuracy, that a client wants constant contact with her after that session has been fulfilled. In these cases, after the 24 to 48 hour grace period, you will need to schedule in for a new session with Christina because she can't obtain your personal information and connection with your Guides and/or Loved Ones in her mind for more than the time allowed. She has too many clients within a day that that information will be eventually lost and a new session will need to take place in order for her to reconnect and retrieve any extended information provided by your Guides and/or Loved Ones