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Welcome to our Student's Area!

Here you will find all of your course programs you can access at any time. 

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November 2019

Shadow Work & Self Alignment

December 2019

Soul to Soul

Re-Connection & Self Meditational Practices

January 2020

Chakra Crystal Healing

February 2020

Spirit Animals, Dreams, & Astral Projecting

March 2020

Oracle ​Connection to Guided Communication


Desire to be a Student?


The energetic learning level begins by clearing old toxic blocks that hold your soul back from experiencing its full elevated level of enlightenment. What is burdening your energy today can not only be cleared, but also can be transformed and transmuted into usable energy that is adaptable to your soul's further learning process!


What we will transform in this program will not only teach you how to properly ground and protect yourself but also cleanse and clear your energy light field. I will also show you how to learn to transform and use that stored up energy as fuel for your soul driven learning. 


Just like a beautiful butterfly breaks free from its cocoon, you will transform that old energy and consume it in a new way by breaking free from the old shell of yourself into a new revised YOU! What has been challenging your soul from past learning and current life issues will be transformed into usable light for your spirit and your sou's mission. 

So, come join us on the Soul Goddess Movement!