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Divinely Placed...

Christina is known to thousands as the spiritual "galactic walk in" communicator and ambassador who arrived to earth in 2009 from another planetary dimension called, Kalenia.  This arrival was made possible through a tragic car accident that took the life of the original host.  Now you may be asking yourself, "What the heck is a walk in?"  Well, in so many words... it only occurs in rare cases where a mission has great importance.  Before a soul arrives to earth, it creates a soul contract which guides them on their soul learning of people, places, events and things.  In that contract, there are also guidelines that state when a soul is finished learning and ready for departure, they are grated such requests at a specific time stated in the contract.  Within this particular situation, a walk in is then  agreed upon to take the place of the original host.  This takes place in order to preserve the mission and the body vessel from death and decay.  There is no need to endure the process of birth into adolescence with these particular missions.  All those stages are skipped and the soul is able to go right into its assigned mission upon arrival.  Christina has arrived to assist in humanity's great evolution.  It is important for earth to elevate to its next level of soul understanding. 


Many have called Christina a modern day Prophet and Shaman due to her great wisdom about the afterlife and other worldly dimensions in our galaxy.  Her healing methods, which have been taught to her in many past lives, have cured hundreds.  Miracles taking place right before the very eyes of those who come to her for help.  Cancer patients completely cured!  A woman brought to life from the brink of death in ICU.  She possess within her the healing energy of Jesus taught to her by Him in their past life together as one for she is  the soul of Mary Magdalena.  She is the only spirit communicator in the world able to convey messages from ICU patients to their family.  In the years she's been teaching, mentoring, healing, and working on her mission, she finds that many who are of 'walk in' energy have been brought to her for help in understanding what has happened to them and why.  She feels blessed to be able to help these individuals get back on course. 


Christina has been consulted by many families of missing persons, cold cases, and homicides.  She works closely with law enforcement on these cases in order to bring closure and peace to the suffering family.  The Spirit Realm considers Christina a "spiritual tracker" which in so many words... tracks the last steps a victim took in order to locate them. She uses this ability to help these families and law enforcement obtain information they hadn't had before. Information that leads right to them. Christina has solved many missing persons and has led family to their loved one, all the while, conveying spiritual messages to the family to help with any closure they may need. 

Christina is a jack of all trades.  As well as being a Spiritual Communicator, she is also a Certified Sound and Light Therapist and Singer, Certified Crystal Healer and Grand Master Reiki Healer with a unique background in Forensic Psychology.  This particular background is useful when she is called in to assist in an autopsy.  All these healing modalities have led to the opening of the first ever Metaphysical Shop AND Spa located in Johnstown, PA. The very first shop this town has ever known or even experienced, before.

As a receiver of the messages given to her by spirit, Christina is able to authentically bring you back into conversation with your loved one once again but on top of that, she can also describe what they are doing now on their soul journey in the after life since their passing.


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